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Escape to Paradise

Photo by Jared Wiltshire  / Lic.(CC)
Tivua Island, Fiji / Photo (CC) by Jared Wiltshire

It's Fiji Time (Don't Worry, Be Happy) / By Anita Ryan

Fiji - Whoever said "blue and green should not be seen..." has not been to the Fiji Islands. This is the country where incredibly steep mountains covered in dense rainforest literally soar "out of the blue" - out of sparkling cerulean waters and into cloudless sapphire skies. The magic of the colours put an end to my disregard for the traditional enemies. Here, blue and green are friends, as are everyone who sets foot on the island...Read More

Sailing Through History / By Peter Sommer

Turkey - Rain was smacking against the window. It was icy cold. Sitting in the dark depths of a British University's library in 1994, I was gazing out dreaming of somewhere warm and exotic. Turkey was the place that lit up my imagination... Read More

Photo by Rui Ornelas / Lic.(CC)
Aegean Sea - Turkish Coast / Photo (CC) by Rui Ornelas

Student Travel - Backpacking In Europe / By Rick Chapo

Europe - For the fortunate few, life isn't complete without a backpacking trip through Europe. This right of passage is believed to further the maturation process of college students, according to sociologists. Of course, others have opined that copious amounts of alcohol, sun and Amsterdam have something to do with it. Regardless of your purpose, you still have to figure out what to take. Obviously, the first critical item is your backpack. While one doesn't need to buy the $10,000 Himalaya Turbo Pack, you should also avoid the $12 blue light special. So, how do you pick a happy middle ground?..Read More

Photo by Jeremy Foo / Lic.(CC)
The Luggage Belt / Photo (CC) by Jeremy Foo

Marbella - Celebrity Playground / By Daniel Eyre

Photo by © Dhoxax

Spain - A sunny coastal town filled with beautiful scenery and hotels, Marbella is a popular resort in the Costa del Sol. Holidays in Marbella, cheap and expensive, are popular with all sorts of tourists, but the town is most well-known as a playground for the super-famous and uber-rich on holiday. Marbella is, these days, internationally recognised as a favourite destination for the extremely wealthy...Read More

Luxury Villa - Costa del Sol / Photo by © Dhoxax - Fotolia
Ordinary People / Extraordinary Photographers

All the photos on this site were taken by people who love photography. Many shots would be worthy of a National Geographic layout. It's a superb collection of inspiring work. To contact a photographer about their work, click their name next to their photo.

Photo © by Wolfgang Staudt
Santorini Gift Shop, Greece / Photo (CC) by Wolfgang Staudt

It's always sunny somewhere!

Photo by © Paul Buceta
Photo / by © Paul Buceta - Dreamstime

Wining & Dining In Greece / By Gary Edwards

Greece - Meze meals exemplify the Greek way of life - it's relaxed in every aspect. There is no particular way to serve the dishes, you simply pick and choose the ones you like best and lay them out for all to help themselves. This myriad of dishes flow from the kitchen creating a mass of colour, taste and texture all complementing and enhancing each other, so you can enjoy a delicious bit of everything accompanied by a glass of something cool as you sit back and relax in the Mediterranean Sun... Read More

Photo by  GT / Lic.(CC)
Paros Cafe, Greece / (CC) by GT

Not Sure Where To Beach It?

Beachways' Regional Beach Guide, includes the World's Best Beaches, Best Party Beaches, Most Relaxing Beaches, Most Romatic Beaches and Most Exclusive Beaches. It will help you decide which direction to point that private jet. No jet yet? Not to worry. Beaches are almost always open to everyone. Review your beach travel options on Beachways' Regions page.

Photo by Fernando de Sousa / Lic.(CC)
Photo (CC) by Fernando de Sousa

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